------> Healing Prayer

Half million to above attend Festival 2006 in Lahore Pakistan
April 7-9 & 10-13

Thank you Partners for your labour of love and all your prayers & Fasting for the Harvest Festival 2005 Pakistan.

Miracles happen every night. We saw in a few nights 30 deaf mutes hear and speak and many more deaf ears and over 15 blind eyes and more who received healing of their partial blindness, cripples walked and many healings From the Blood Cancer and many from Hepatices C, A.B of various sickness and pain, ABOUT 10 thousands to above people received healing from lots of daises. Our Team prayed for hundreds nightly one by one.
The three day services of the greatly anticipated Harvest Festival 2005 in Lahore Pakistan were held on April 2006. The crowds began arriving at the Cricket Grounds early on Wednesday afternoon for the evening service. This 8 acre complex had been prepared for the massive gathering through months of diligent efforts by the Harvest Festival 2005 by Crusade Committee, Senior Pastor Anwar Fazal & Dr, Hamilton Ministries staff, and more than 5,000 volunteers. When work began in September 2005, much of the area was covered by weeds and grass. But when hundreds of people worked to remove the weeds and grass in the Cricket Felid.
WE make 100 Fit Long and 7 Fit High Big Stage for the Speaker and 50 Fit Long for the Worship Team.


Pastor Anwar Fazal & Dr, Hamilton Provide the 300-500 Hundred buses to bring the People in the cricket Felid for the Prayer. These buses bulk the all Traffic of Lahore roods. But we are very thankful to Government of Pakistan and Specially our Country President Gen Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister and especially our Chief Minister of Punjab Ch, Pervaiz Elahi and Chief Nazim of Lahore District Mian Amir Mehmood & M.P.A Punjab Mr, Shahzad Elahi & all Government officers they provide us Permission for the Crusade and Police Security & Traffic Police.

Great Harvest April 2006

300 Millions To above people saved for the kingdom of God.
More than 8-10 large video screens were constructed so that no matter where a person was seated? Whether in the 80,000 chairs that had been brought in from all over the City of Lahore or on the ground where carpeting had been securely placed? So we leave front of the stage empty for seating the people on the ground field, Pakistan TV Channel Team give a Converge with 7 big video Cameras. This Harvest Festival shown by GEO Television 80 countries in Asia and Europe, we received great news from the Country and all over the world about the Harvest Festival 2005.

After a time of worship, as the presence of the Holy Spirit began to fall, Dr, Hamilton declared his love for the people and the nation of Pakistan. To honor this great country and the many government leaders who were in attendance, Pastor Hamilton Crusade they fell with Holy Spirit also.

After special music from the massive choir led by Pastor Frank and anointed songs from Mrs. Steve, and well-know Pakistani singer, Dr, Hamilton preached a message on God is Loving and Merciful & healer Psalm 103: 1-6 In great detail he described forty-eight hours of our Lord’s life in which Jesus encountered a steady stream of people in need of healing and deliverance, and every one of those people received their miracle. With their faith at a high level, those in attendance reached out to Jesus, and miracles began happening all over the audience. Many were able to make their way to the platform to testify of blind eyes that were opened, deaf ears that could now hear, broken bodies that were now made whole, and a variety of physical infirmities that suddenly disappeared when the power of God touched their lives. The life-changing power of Jesus Christ impacted many hundreds of thousands of lives on this his April 2006 services.