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Report from the Mian Chunnue City Harvest Celebration
Pastor Training School of Fire April 2006,

Thank you for your precious prayer and support for the Nation of Pakistan Crusades. Jesus moved in a mighty way, Here in 3 days Crusade one Hundred Thousand to above People who gave their hearts to Jesus; it was like a human flood of people and tears. Many were healed of Blind eyes, cancer, and disability, paralyzed and other dangers diseases with Dr, Rev Hamilton Prayer & Pastor Anwar Prayer and Thousands filled baptized with the Holy Spirit.

Dear our Team day and night very hard work for this Crusade because Some People want to stop this Crusade in This Area in Mian Chunnue City and Khanel wal City and all over the Area, So before our Crusade one week one Church Burn Pastor Nathanial in 134 Village and after Two days later then Devil attack in other Village and Some People Burn some Bibles acutely these devil Persons want to stop the big harvesting in this area but First we all very thankful to Jesus Christ and Second the Government of Pakistan and Local Police of that area officers , who Help us bodily in bad position time and all Time Chief Police of this aria staying in Crusade.

We provide the buses to bring the People in the Foot Ball Stadium from all over this aria First night one Hundred Buses and Second night 150 and third night also 150 Buses but People demand more Buses but we have no more budget for the Buses, So in this way buses we saw over flow with Peoples in side and out side Full with the Peoples. If one bus has a 70 Seat then we saw 150 to more People in one Bus because People where very hunger for the Jesus Christ, many people brings the People Owen Cars, Van, Trucks, and also one the other Vehicle.

We all are very thank Full to this arias Muslims Preacher who help us with very good relationship and this Aria Big Muslim Preacher 3 days continue attend this Crusade and also announce the Mosque to ask the People to come in Crusade and get the Blessings of God, So with his Call many Muslims also attend the Crusade and See the Glory of God.

Dear in our Last day Crusade before starting 2 hours start to ran and ice from heaven but our Team feel down on the Ground for pray ring after one hour later thanks Lord ran stopped and our Last Day Foot Ball Stadium gone Full and also over but same night in Karachi City happen very sad news in Muslim People gathering in Park any Sue side bombing attack and many people killed and many injured, But Dr, Rev, Hamilton and Pastor Anwar & Team Left their Hands to the Haven and especially Praying for these families in Karachi City in Trouble and Also Dr, Hamilton specially prayer for the President of Pakistan and for the Prime minister and especially for the Chief Minster of Punjab and for the Governor of the Punjab and also prayer for the all Assembly members and for the Local Police officers and Nizm of this aria and other Political People.

Dr, Hamilton and Team ministered also to 4000 Pastors from Lahore and all over the Punjab Pakistan for the two days. Many of them open the new Houses Churches by efforts of Dr, Hamilton and Pastor Anwar because Dr, Hamilton and Pastor Anwar have a Passion for saving the Pakistan for the Jesus Christ.

At 13th of April Governor of the Punjab invite to Pastor Anwar and Hamilton and Team in Governor House in Lahore and arranged the Esther Program and Esther Cake Cutting, So Pastor Anwar and Hamilton Preaching in Governor House in Lahore Luke 24: 1-12

So all Local and international Media News Papers & TV Channels give us to courage in Pakistan and Asia, Europe other Countries

From the bottom of our hearts and on behalf of the multitudes of lives changed, thank you for your love and prayer. These Crusades could not have been possible without you. Your treasure in heaven has become great as you're co-laboring with us in the Spirit. We love and appreciate you.
God bless you always,