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Senior Pastor Anwar Fazal is the Founder and President of Eternal Life Ministries of Pakistan International, a Holy Ghost ministry with a world-wide vision.

Senior Pastor Anwar Fazal has 6 Brothers and two Sisters in Family; all are full time working in Ministry. Senior Pastor Anwar Father is alive but Mother with God on Haven. Senior Pastor Anwar Fazal has a very good team in Ministry work. He has an Also Big Choir 200 To above Boys and young Girls.
Senior Pastor Anwar Fazal arranging a big Healing Crusade every Wednesday in Lahore, Thousands Peoples attendance every week in Lahore. So this is biggest Healing Meeting in all over the Pakistan by the Grace of God.

Pastor Anwar Fazal

Senior Pastor Anwar has traveled extensively throughout the world, preaching God's Word in crusades, national and international conventions, and churches and also on radio and television.