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Harvest Pakistan, April 2006

Thanks Lord, 1000 to more People Receive Healing but here is some Peoples Testimonies. Thousands People fill with Holy Spirit in Crusade.

Sister Farhat resident of main chnu attended the meeting of Hamilton last year where he prayed that may God bless that poor woman with son and this year she came with her son to share his testimony.

Sister Shughara she was unable to walk from last four years, she attended the meeting and by the Grace of God she starts walking now. Praise the God!

Mr.Raiz was paralyzed from last one year and in meeting God touched him and got freedom from his sickness and now he is perfectly normal.

Mr. Shakeel Mahmood was suffering from problem of levers from last seven years and God healed him in the meeting.

Elder saleem got some problem in one leg and was unable to walk normally, he attended the meeting and God set him free from his suffering.

Saba bashir was unable to listen due to problem in her ears from last six years during the healing prayer she get rid of this problem and now she can listen normally.

Sister Farzana was married from last ten years and had no childern, last year she attended the Harvest meeting and this year she is blessed and got baby.
8. Mr. Ishfaq was unable to walk by the Grace of God he can walk now.

Azaz Sharif had water in his stomach and doctor advised him that he must be operated and by the prayer of pastor he get rid of this problem without any surgery.

Miss Mavish was suffering from Ear problem and was unable to hear. Pastor prayed and God heal her from Ear Problem.

Elizabeth was suffering from blood pressure and some problem in stomach for which doctor advised operation, Pastor prayed for lady and God set her free from blood pressure and relief from stomach problem.

Sister Shahbanam had no child even after number of years after marriage after prayer of Pastor God blessed her.

Mr. Khurram Khan was under the curse of AIDS, he accepts Christ as savior and come for prayer and after the healing prayer God set him totally free.

Mr. Augustin who was unable to walk due to problem, he come to meeting to receive this healing and God healed him by the prayers of his peoples and now he starts walking freely. Praise The God!

Miss Balkesh was under the attack of demons and by the prayers of Gods people she is free now. God can do what man can’t think.

Ms. Hammeda was suffering from problem in legs and unable to walk, she comes to prayer meeting and by the Grace of God she is fine now.

Mr. Umar Kamal was using clutches to walk from last nine years and by attending just one meeting of crusade he get free from that dependency and now he can move freely to give Grace to the work of God.

Mr Zafar was under the control of demons from last 5 years but attending the meeting God set him free.

Sister Rani is blessed with a baby Boy five years back and that baby boy was unable to sit and walk. By the Grace of God his son starts behaving normally. She is more than happy with the good God has done with her family.

Sister Azra was having tumor at back from last four years and during the healing prayer it disappears. God is greater than any thing of the world.

Sister Shamshad was control the control of demon from last 12 years and during the meeting she got freedom.

Sister Sosan had pain in her arm and during the meeting pain disappears and God healed her.

Miss Rashida was blind and with the prayer of Pastor power of God opens her eyes and she can see this beautiful world with her eyes. Glory to the God!

Ms Zahida son’s was sick, she took him to crusade meeting and God showed his miracle and her son get free from all the sickness.

Venus daughter was unable to talk; she took her daughter to meeting and God open her tough and she start talking.

Sisters atiya’s daughter was unable to talk from last 4 years, she took her daughter to the meeting and God proved his Love by healing her daughter.

David has tumor from childhood and during the meeting without any operations, tumor disappears and God showed his mighty power.

Shahmoon is 11 years old boy suffering from asthma from last 5 years and God healed him during the prayer.

Sister Fozia attended meeting of pastor last year and requested him to prayer for Child and after one year she again attended meeting with a beautiful baby.

Sister Fozia’s legs were fractured and with the prayer of Pastor fractured legs are healed now.

Shela Samuel was under the control of demons and after 4 years she get freedom for demons.

Sonia was under the control of demons from last five years and God set her free during the prayer.